Smart. Suspenseful. Sensual. The Love and Pursuit Series chronicles the adventures of a delicious cast of talented, attractive, and eccentric characters during the height of London’s Jazz Age. Love and the Pursuit of Law  and Love and the Pursuit of Justice are available now.

Love and the Pursuit of Redemption released on September 27, 2017!

Watch for Love and Pursuit: Three Jazz Age Tales of Crime and Passion, in print and e-box set, to be released soon!

Love and the Pursuit of Redemption
Book #3 in the Love and Pursuit Series

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Margarite Hagen, a young French courtesan during the Great War, enjoys a short-lived but passionate- love affair with British aristocrat James Arthur. Ten years later, a chance encounter in a posh London hotel reunites Margarite – now married to an abusive Egyptian playboy – with James.

James Arthur, one of the wealthiest men in England, has never married. None of the women he meets compares with Margarite; but, he believes his position as the Second Duke of Donovan requires him to marry a member of his own class.

Margarite is charged with murdering her playboy husband and enlists James’s support. As the two former lovers strive to prove her innocence, they find themselves re-examining their relationship and rekindling their passion. Can a former French courtesan and a British duke overcome class prejudice and prevail against the criminal justice system to find happiness?


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