Love and the Pursuit of Redemption
Book #3 in the Love and Pursuit Series
Summer, 2017
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“What delights may I provide you this afternoon?” Margarite Hagen inquired of her British lover James Arthur, the second Duke of Donovan.

The two were enjoying luncheon in the Hotel de Crillon. James’s view was of the Place de la Concorde, where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were guillotined during the French revolution. But James only had eyes for Margarite.  Petite with a fair complexion, Margarite – a well-established courtesan – wore her blonde hair in ringlets and her large hazel eyes missed nothing. James found Margarite compellingly attractive, He would forever remember the first time they met. Margarite wore a black top hat, black silk stockings, a black garter belt, a garnet necklace, a chemise of burgundy silk crepe de Chine—and nothing else.

For the last seven months, James had spent every moment he could steal from the war with her. Margarite was excellent company and highly skilled in the arts of her profession.

Now, however, James was to be dispatched to Italy. He had not yet shared the news with Margarite. But his deployment to Italy provided the perfect opportunity to break off the relationship. She was a Parisian courtesan, a demi-mondaine. He was one of the most influential and wealthiest men in England.

He broke from his reverie to gaze fondly at Margarite. “I wish to experience all of your delights this afternoon, my darling.”

“We had best be going then.” Margarite laughed, caressing him discreetly as she rose to leave the table.